About Us

CleanPerks provide a wide array of cleaning services such as regular home cleaning services, ad-hoc home cleaning, post-renovation cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, as well as deep-cleaning services for sofa, mattresses and carpets 

CleanPerks believes in GIVING BACK.

Not only do we provide our customers with a clean house, we also believe in giving back to our customers, employees, the community and the environment. 

Our Customers

We offer regular perks and seasonal promotions for our customers, including packaged prices. We are also implementing a customer loyalty program, so keep a look out for more details! Registered members with us will get first hand information about the program when it's released. 

Our Employees

We believe that our employees are the key to delivering exceptional service and we implement a performance-based reward scheme for our staff and we strive to upgrade their skills. 

Community and Environment

Social and environmental impact are also core values of our company where we aim to give back yearly to causes that help the vulnerable elderly, children and mental health organisations. And we aim to reduce carbon footprint by only utilising environmentally-friendly products.


We publish our yearly returns to the community and environment via an annual bulletin for accountability to our customers.  

Start engaging us if you believe in the work that we do!


All our cleaners are fully vaccinated and will wear a mask when doing the chores.