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Household Carpet/Rugs Deep-Cleaning

Regular price $20.00 SGD
Regular price Sale price $20.00 SGD
Preferred Mode of Cleaning Service
Size of Rug/Carpet [Can't find your carpet dimensions? Contact us and we will get back with a quote]
Stains/Mould to be removed?

Upon payment, our customer agents would contact you via email or whatsapp within 24 hours to arrange an appointment.

  • Dimensions are based on common carpet/rug dimensions in the market. Please contact us for a quote if your carpet/rug's dimensions cannot be found in the selection
  • Please add to cart again if you have more than 1 rug/carpet with different dimension
  • Deep-cleaning service for all kinds of domestic rugs/carpets
  • Recommended to deep-clean carpets/rugs once every six months or once every 2 to 3 months if you have guests often
  • Shampooing required with the use of chemicals for stains or mould
  • Steam-cleaning and spray extraction method for regular cleaning