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Y-SLIMZ Floor Master (Tea Tree Oil & Citronella essential oil extract) - 1L

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  • Made from Citronella and Tea Tree Oil extracts that help to repel mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, and ants apart from cleaning your floor.
  • A lovely fragrance from herbal extracts freshens up your living areas. 
  • Wax Formula keeps your floor shiny and non-sticky for days
  • Non-toxic and suitable for all types of flooring. Also great for cleaning glass doors/windows, wall tiles and kitchen stoves.
  • Superior fragrance from herbal extracts
  • Suitable PH Balance
  • Not harmful to skin, gentle on hands and safe for pets
  • Biodegradable / Non-toxic
  • Waste water can be used to water plants


  • Pour 3/4 cap of liquid into 1/2 bucket (7 litre) of water. No extra rinsing is required.
  • To repel insects effectively, pour liquid on wet cloth and wipe along areas where insects frequently appear.
  • Ideal for marble, granite, ceramic tiles, parquet and solid surface.