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Y Slimz Lucky Pomelo Cleaner (Pomelo & Lime) - 780ML

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  • Traditionally believed to improve luck 
  • Y-Slimz Lucky Pomelo Deodorising Cleaner combines pomelo leaves and essence from lime leaves (daun limau purut) known for cleansing and refreshing properties.

  • The combination of these two auspicious leaves is traditionally believed to improve your luck and cleanse. It is unique and is used exclusively for cleaning altars, statues and sacred places. Also suitable for general cleaning at home including floors, glass doors/windows and wall tiles.

  • Recommended for use during auspicious occasions or when moving into new premises.

  • Application: Pour 1/2 cap in 1/4 bucket (3 litres) of water or a few drops on a damp cloth. No extra rinsing is required. For general cleaning, pour 3/4 cap of liquid in 1/2 bucket (7 litre) of water. No extra rinsing is required.